Support Center FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Cambium Support Center. Support Center is the portal for important technical support, licensing, and warranty activities.

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Cambium Single Sign-on (SSO)

You need to log into Support Center to be able to open Technical Support tickets, view "My Activities" (current and past tickets), generate license keys, and register warranties.  This requires a Cambium Single Sign-On (SSO) username and password.

To obtain your Cambium SSO, click on "Register" in the upper righthand corner of any Support Center page, then follow the instructions.  The Cambium SSO can also be used to join the Cambium Community, to use LINKPlanner, and use cnMaestro.

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Opening a Ticket

Via Support Center

To open a ticket in Support Center you have to be logged in with your Cambium SSO.  If you don't have a Cambium SSO, follow the steps outlined above.  

Click on "Submit a request" in the upper right-hand corner of any Support Center page.  This will take you to a page with a drop-down menu.  Select "Technical Support Request" or "RMA Ticket" depending on the support you need.  Fill out the form and submit it.  You will receive a reply email with the ticket number.

A technical support engineer or a member of the Customer Care Team will be assigned to the ticket according to the nature of the request and the current workload.  They will reply via email or phone and begin the investigation and resolution process.

Via Phone

You can call Cambium Technical Support on one of the numbers posted here.  

NOTE:  The methods below will be discontinued in early December, 2016

Via Email

You can send an email to [email protected] for a technical support request or to [email protected] for an RMA request.

Via the Cambium Web Site

The "Open a Support Case" link is here.  The RMA online form is here.

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How Email is Used with Tickets

An email will be sent to you whenever a new note is added to your ticket.  To reply, simply click on "Reply" in your email client and compose a message.  Do not scroll down and insert comments in the email below the double-hash marks.

You can add people to the CC of your email and they will be added as a CC in our ticketing system.  These people will continue to receive CC email whenever a new ticket note is added.  

NOTE:  The [email protected] email address will be decommisioned in early December 2016.  We would appreciate it if you would stop using this email address now.  To enter a ticket online, use Support Center.

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My Requests

This page presents currently open and previously closed tickets.  The "My Requests" link is on the main menu of all Support Center pages.  You have to be logged into Support Center to see your activities.  

Click on a ticket subject to see the ticket notes.  The notes are listed in chronological order from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom.  If the ticket is still open, you can add a new note at the bottom of the page.  If the ticket is closed, you can click on the "create a follow-up" link to open a new ticket.

By default, you can only see the tickets you have opened.  However if you have responsibility for all the tickets opened for your organization, you can request to have organization-wide visibility of tickets. 

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Closing a Ticket

When you feel that your issue has been resolved, please let the technical support engineer or Customer Care Team member know and they will close your ticket.  You can do this by phone, by replying to one of the ticket emails, or via a note in "My Activities".  

In some cases you may want to keep a ticket open for some time to confirm that a proposed solution really solves the problem.  The technical support engineer will place the ticket on hold for the desired period of time.  After that time has passed, an email will be sent asking if we can close the ticket.

If we haven't heard from you for a few days (not including the hold period mentioned above), we'll send an email asking if there is anything else we can do.  If we don't get a reply, we will ask again.  After three unsuccessful attempts, we will close the ticket.

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At the bottom right-hand corner of the Support Center pages a chat icon will pop up.  Click on that icon and a technical support engineer will join the chat at the earlist availability.  We will do our best to answer your questions and resolve your issue during the chat.  If investigation is required or someone additional assistance is required, we will turn the chat into a ticket.

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Knowledge Base

The Support Center knowledge base has articles on all of Cambium's current products.  It is regularly updated with new content from Cambium's product managers, development and QA engineers, and Cambium Technical Support engineers.  You can browse through the knowledge base by product category or search on the main Support Center page.  The knowledge base content on Support Center is the same as the knowledge base content in the Cambium Community.

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Another way to get technical assistance is via the Cambium Community.  You can scan forum conversations, check the knowledge base, and create a new message (requires a login).  The Cambium Community is monitored by technical support engineers, Cambium product managers and engineers, and knowledgeable peers.  

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Talking to Someone Live

At any time you can contact Cambium Customer Support via phone.  If you have already opened a ticket on the issue via Support Center, please refer to the ticket number.  If you haven’t opened a ticket, one will be opened for you when you call.  If your issue is an emergency or extremely urgent, we suggest you call immediately, don't create a ticket via Support Center.

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If you encounter a potential hardware issue, open a ticket on Support Center and select "RMA Ticket".  Someone will get back to you and discuss the symptoms to verify that the issue is definitely a hardware issue.  In many cases an issue can be corrected without having to go through the RMA process.

If the problem is confirmed as a hardware issue, an RMA number will be issued.  We will check warranty status if the issue appears to be a product defect.  You will then be given instructions regarding repair or replacement.  If a product defect occurs during the first 30 days after purchase, you'll be directed to the point of purchase to get a replacement device.  

If a hardware issue requires repair (in or out of warranty), you'll be given the address of the closest authorized Cambium Repair Center.  We will return the repaired unit within 30 days of receipt at the Repair Center.

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Service Level Agreements for Technical Assistance

Cambium technical support is provided on a best-effort basis.  SLA-based responsiveness is available via Cambium Care Premium.

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