Technical Training

Cambium Networks Technical Certification Training provides the technical details you need, with hands on experience led by instructors who have built hundreds of networks. Small class sized ensure you gain the knowledge you need. To Log in to the Learning Management system, click the READ MORE button below.

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To obtain technical certification, you must pass the corresponding exam with a score of at least 80%. It is recommended that you attend one or more of the corresponding classes listed below (click for detailed training description):

Each examination can be accessed here. The cost to take each test is $100 USD. Individuals who pass the test will be able to download a certificate and a certified product logo. Certifications expire two years from the date the individual passed the examination, at which time, the individual should re-certify. Individuals will be notified when it is nearing the expiration date of the certification(s).

Meet our Certified Instructors

Workshop para Provedores de Internet, Hotel Majestic – Florianópolis/SC, Brazil

Tema: Apresentação do ePMP Elevate e ePMP 2.5 GHz Descrição: Participe deste evento para conhecer mais sobre as duas novas soluções da Cambium Networks para ISPs: - ePMP Elevate: Migre sua rede atual para ePMP sem trocar as CPEs de outros fabricantes já instaladas e obtenha todos os benefícios da linha ePMP - ePMP 2.5 GHz: Equipamento PMP e PTP na frequência de 2.5 GHz, para atender os ISPs que adquiriram a licença da Anatel Data: 30/Março – Pré evento InternetSul Horário: 14h Local: Hotel Majestic – Florianópolis/SC Inscrições até 24 de Março Dúvidas: [email protected]

cnPilot Certification Training, Belrose, Australia

cnPilot Certification Training hosted by BMS our Certified Instructor. Venue: Field Services Group, Level 1, 23 Narabang Way; Belrose NSW 2085 Registration: [email protected]