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PMP 450


PMP 450


High Performance, Synchronization and Low Latency

    New PMP 450i Access Point and Subscriber Modules are ultra-wide band radios covering 4900-5925 MHz with dynamic interference filtering, improved transmit power, and better receive sensitivity to provide dramatically longer range. The rugged IP-66/67 enclosure has a multifunction AUX port and integrated or connectorized design for maximum flexibility.

    New PMP 450d Integrated Dish Subscriber Module provides 25 dBi of gain and can be assembled in minutes. The PMP 450d can significantly improve signal quality from access point to subscriber module allowing for better network performance and higher throughput. Available in 5 GHz. 


    Release 13.4 includes:

    • Frame Utilization Statistics – Helps determine how full the RF frame is, and when you might need to add capacity to the network

    • RADIUS Change of Authorization – Enables RADIUS users to update and control configuration and provisioning parameters on a timed basis

    • RADIUS VSA for Zero Touch Configuration – Allows another method (in addition to DHCP Option 66) to deliver the configuration file to the SM automatically

    • Microsoft Server RADIUS support – In addition to many other RADIUS servers, now official support for MS RADIUS

    Performance Enhancements


    • Link Test Enhancements – Extrapolated link test gives an indication of link performance without service interruption, Time stamp to indicate last time Link Test was run, new OIDs to run link test on the SM – Enhancements will allow users better performance monitoring of link performance

    • Security Banner – Add customizable banner to GUI to notify users of security measures


    Rural Connectivity

    The PMP 450 Access Point (AP) provides up to 125 Mbps throughput and can be deployed in multiple rings to provide more than 1 Gbps of throughput. The low latency of the PMP 450 provides access network connectivity for video, VoIP, and data for business and residential connectivity.


    Service Providers

    • Rapidly expand customer reach and service offerings by reaching new business and residential subscribers in underserved or unserved areas.

    • Increase revenues by offering high-throughput low-latency services to support video and voice applications.


    Private Network Operators

    • Rapidly establish cost-effective links to campus locations or remote branch offices or SOHO locations at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or deploying wireline broadband systems.

    • Build a wireless infrastructure to connect indoor wireless local area network (WLAN), creating a complete wireless IP network for campus connectivity.


    Government Network Operators

    • Rapidly establish cost-effective links for public safety, public service, and public access.

    • Rapidly deploy video surveillance and data connectivity for public safety.

    • Create a cost effective data network for public works.


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