Wireless Manager


Map-based visualization capabilities using embedded Google maps; control the network with advanced configuration, provisioning, alerting, and reporting features

Wireless Manager Software and Documentation

Software and Documentation

Wireless Manager Evaluation

Cambium Networks offers a free, fully functional 30-day trial version of Wireless Manager that includes a license for ten network elements. To request a Wireless Manager trial license key, complete the form below. Please ensure the accuracy of both the server MAC address on which you will evaluate the trial version, and the email address where you would like to recieve the trial key. You'll receive your trial key within 1-2 business days.

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Wireless Manager Upgrade

Welcome to the Wireless Manager upgrade page. This site is intended for customers who have purchased Prizm, or previous versions of Wireless Manager server software, and wish to apply for an upgrade. This is a two step process:

First, please provide your contact information, the MAC address(es) of your current Prizm and/or Wireless Manager server(s), and desired Wireless Manager upgrade. Matching these MACs in our license database will determine how many node licenses have been purchased; this number will be communicated to you via email, allowing you to purchase the Upgrade tier that corresponds to your number of node licenses. Please see the Wireless Manager FAQ for Upgrade part number information.

Secondly, return to this site after receipt of your upgrade Entitlement ID. Fill out the same information as in Step 1, including the MAC address(es), then copy the Entitlement ID and the MAC address for the machine on which Wireless Manager will be installed. You'll receive your new Wireless Manager license by email.

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