Wireless Solutions for Indigenous and Tribal Communities

Indigenous and Tribal communities remain among the least connected. These communities require reliable broadband internet now more than ever, in order to provide economic opportunities and access to essential services such as remote classroom instruction, online learning programs, health care, digital commerce, and remote working. With rugged terrain and low population density, fiber infrastructure is frequently not viable. Wireless solutions from Cambium Networks connect the unconnected to improve education, commerce and public safety.

Reach unconnected and under-connected Indigenous and Tribal communities

“At Sacred Wind, it’s always been our mission to connect people—especially those in the most rural areas of New Mexico—to opportunities to increase education, advance careers, access medical care, and stay in touch with loved ones. Our free Wi-Fi hotspots allow us to achieve this goal and will help students in need throughout these trying times,” – John Badal, CEO of Sacred Wind Communications.

Many government agencies support efforts to bring the benefits of modern communications to Native communities. Find out about programs from the US FCC’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy.

How wireless can help your community

  • Improve economy, healthcare and education, quality of life
  • Assist with access to available funding
  • Assist with network planning in available RF spectrum
  • Optimize the use of 2.5 GHz licenses

Wireless That Just Works

We work with Indigenous and Tribal agencies to design, build and manage wireless connectivity and bridge the digital divide. Rapidly and efficiently deploy wireless solutions that enable distance learning, telemedicine, broadband access and much more. Simple wireless solutions that are robust, reliable and cost effective.

“As funds for this important connectivity project were limited, we needed a low-cost, low maintenance connectivity solution that could withstand the environmental conditions of the Australian outback. We have just that with Cambium Networks wireless broadband.” – Daniel Sacchero, Business Manager, Easyweb Digital

Broad spectrum of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions for end-to-end connectivity with cloud management


Easy and efficient to deploy and manage with our innovative LINKPlanner, cnHeat and cnMaestro apps


Proven technology solutions and expertise with local partners to solve connectivity challenges


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