Small Cell Backhaul

Backhaul for mobile data traffic is critical. And now, it’s easy and efficient.

Streaming video, uploading/downloading data and bandwidth-intensive voice applications demand a lot—specifically, fixed wireless technology that delivers consistent high throughput and low latency. And Cambium Networks’ small cell backhaul solution is tailor-made to meet that demand.

Our lightweight backhaul equipment can be easily installed on existing structures, enabling rapid deployment in urban areas. This comprehensive portfolio of solutions is designed to overcome physical obstacles and interference, take pressure off over-burdened networks and most importantly—be installed in a fraction of the time and cost of a wired/fiber alternative.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Software tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Manage the entire wireless network from a centralized, cloud-based interface


  • Grow from a single remote location to multiple sites in dense urban environments
  • Easily add capacity as end users demand


  • Establish backhaul connectivity in a matter of days
  • Deploy connectivity at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fiber

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