An incredible bundle of 450 equipment at up to 55% off!

Broadband service providers in North American can enjoy huge savings on large or small bundles of 3 GHz or 5 GHz PMP 450 from Cambium Networks. Improve your network performance with the latest software while you’re at it!

  • Get 1 Access Point and 12 Subscriber modules, or
  • Get 4 Access Points and 100 Subscriber modules

Watch the 30-30-30 Performance Boost with PMP 450 webinar replay to find out how to boost throughput speeds to offer over 100 Mbps service, without replacing equipment. See how you can offer higher throughputs and lower latency services easily with 3 phases of 30% improvement (30-30-30).

Available in North America region (US & Canada) only
Limited-time opportunity
Expires September 30, 2023

Contact your distributor  for more information, terms and conditions, and how to participate in this promotion.