Assistance for North America Schools

COVID-19 has closed school and university campuses across the US and Canada and shifted academics to remote learning models that all rely on broadband access. Not all students and teachers have sufficient broadband access at their homes for effective remote learning. Cambium Networks is putting forth a set of promotions to assist schools in deploying “Drive-In Wi-Fi” networks through the use of outdoor Wi-Fi networks and for schools and WISPs to deploy point-to-multipoint networks to bring broadband to the home.

Cambium Networks Remote Learning Enablement Promotion:

  • Buy 2 cnHeat LOCATE and IDENTIFY subscriptions, and receive one (1) equivalent LOCATE and IDENTIFY subscription for free*
  • Buy 2 ePMP Force 300-19R, and receive 1 free
  • CBRS SAS Services waived for 90 days for all PMP 450 devices supporting qualifying new deployment

*Addresses are only available for US locations. If the school is located in Canada, please contact Cambium Networks and alternate arrangements shall be made.

Expires June 19, 2020

Contact your distributor or reseller for more information, terms and conditions, and how to participate in this promotion.


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