August 2017 Winner

Sean O – ePMP Connectivity to remote locations

Submitting a photo is easy – just send the photo as an attachment to

Posting a link to your video is easy – just post the link to the Cambium Community Videos section.

Our contest closes out at the end of each month, so send in your best photos and videos!

  • All customers with Cambium Networks equipment are eligible to win.
  • The winner from the monthly contest will be announced the first week in the following month. Winners will be announced by first name and region only.
  • High resolution photos are preferred.
  • All photos and videos must be original and not violate copyright.
  • The photos and videos can be of Cambium products, customer environments, field work, your employees, facilities, events, or product related images. Also, the image can be environment related such as a natural setting, harsh conditions, a working environment, or a location where Cambium Networks equipment can be used.
  • You can enter as many images and videos as you like and as frequently as you want. The photos can be recent or previously taken. An individual customer can only win one sweatshirt per year. That way, more people get sweatshirts. If we have a great photographer who wins more than once, we will provide the first place winner a prize and the second place winner for that month will win a sweatshirt. The idea is to keep looking for and taking great images.
  • By entering the Contest, you grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license to use your photo or video in any way related to this contest or in the promotion of Cambium Networks, its products or services. You also agree that you are not entitled to any royalties or other compensation or get your approval in connection with any use made by Cambium Networks.

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