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AP Configuration
Type Max. Tx Power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) Cable Loss (dB) Tx Power (If EIRP Limited) Frequency (Mhz) Interference Level (dBm) Channel BW (MHz) TDD Ratio Cell Radius (m) MU-MIMO Gain
Default STA Configuration
Type Tx Power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) Cable Loss (dB) Distance (m) Reset All STAs to Default Values
MCS Range
MCS DL Range (km) (Free Space Path Loss) DL (SM) Rx Sensitivity (dBm) UL Range (km) (Free Space Path Loss) UL (AP) Rx Sensitivity (dBm)
AP STAs List
Number of STAs to add:
Sector Throughput
Service Plans
Enterprise Oversubscription Rate Residential Oversubscription rate
Blended Service
Plan Percentage (%) Average DL Throughput/User (Mbps) Average UL Throughput/User (Mbps) DL Users (Mbps) UL Users (Mbps) Total Users ARPU ($)