Zero Touch Configuration on PMP 450 – You’re Going to Want This!

By    February 3, 2015

With Release 13.3 on PMP 450, it has never been easier to get a subscriber module configured on your network.  Using this feature, you can simply get the radio registered to an AP and the Zero Touch Configuration feature takes care of everything else, each and every parameter that can be set, can be set automatically using this feature.

To explain a bit about how it works, we added the ability for the subscriber to utilize DHCP Option 66 to retrieve a configuration file from a server on your network.  The subscriber will utilize the Installation Color Code (ICC) to register to the network, then using DHCP Option 66, it will retrieve the configuration file (whether a generic one, or one created specifically for the device performing the query).  Then, (if configured to do so) it will reboot thereby applying the configuration file, and come up as fully configured in the network.  No other intervention is necessary. 
In fact, we’ve partnered with PowerCode on this feature, making this feature even more useful.  PowerCode manages not only device configuration but wraps the customer billing data and setup into it, making it a complete solution to set up and manage new customers to your business. Since it is all automated, you’ll suffer fewer errors and require less intervention during customer onboarding and installation activities, leading to faster return on your investments.

Find out more details on this feature, and the other capabilities in the PMP 450 13.3 Release Notes.