Your friendly small business neighborhood “Wireless IT” – the new WISP

By Ray Savich   January 22, 2016

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like any good business are always looking to add to their bottom line. Historically this has meant a focus on ARPU – Average Revenue Per User, with various service plans designed to enhance value and increase this revenue base per customer. But it doesn’t need to stop there. For wireless savvy ISPs, there is another source of revenue: offering managed Wi-Fi for small businesses – profitably! And the time is now right to take the broadband service from the door in to the lobby.

From Jakarta to Jamaica, people expect wireless internet access wherever they are – at work, at play, at home.  Wi-Fi service is no longer a luxury – It is now a source of competitive differentiation for such businesses as Cafés, Hotels, small offices and apartments (or “Flats” as they are called in some parts of the world).

However, while big franchises often have dedicated well trained IT departments that qualify and roll out WiFi networks, the average small business is often at a loss when it comes to deploying and managing indoor WiFi networks, often resulting in shoddy ad-hoc WiFi deployments that don’t keep up with changing user and wireless environment conditions. These installations typically result in poor user experience – all of which hurt the reputation of the small business.  For example, individual Wi-Fi routers in close proximity often broadcast on the same channel at full power resulting in very poor broadband speeds. These often un-monitored, unmanaged routers, rarely if ever upgraded to the latest software from the manufacturer, become susceptible to hacker exploits as they fall behind on features and safeguards. All of this results in a Wi-Fi experience that degrades over time.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) especially wireless service providers (WISPs) or network operators with their expertise in designing and deploying wireless broadband are perfectly placed to helping small businesses make the leap to good indoor WiFi.

So how do you go indoors with confidence? By ensuring the wireless vendor you pick can support you all the way with carrier grade managed WiFi features, the range of WiFi access points, the reliability for trouble free operation, and the ability to support you in the field as needed.

Cambium can help you here. Cambium’s cnPilot Indoor 802.11ac Residential routers and 802.11ac Indoor and Outdoor Enterprise access points backed by cnMaestro management goes the distance: Outdoors and Indoors.

One of Cambium’s ISP customer, Webformix, did precisely this – utilizing their wireless expertise to bring 11ac Gigabit WiFi connectivity to a small business apartment complex, that was suffering from ad-hoc outdated equipment. See how Webformix deployed a cnPilot Enterprise E400 access point network backed by the power of cnMaestro management, in this case study. Webformix will share their field experiences and expertise in a live webinar on January 28. You are welcome to join the webinar or share your experiences with cnPilot on the Cambium Community.