Without great partners, it is difficult for a company to do business well or succeed.  Just as John Lennon and Paul McCartney once noted, we all “get by with a little help from our friends.”  With the knowledge that great partners make a huge difference, Cambium has launched its ConnectedPartner Program geared toward helping our friends in the wireless broadband distribution, integration and reselling businesses succeed in navigating today’s evolving wireless market place.

Those of you who are long-time Cambium customers are likely already familiar with the successful partner program we ran under the Orthogon and Canopy brands – before Cambium was launched as a new company.  Cambium’s ConnectedPartner Program takes the lessons we learned from those programs and has turned them up a notch, leveraging the expertise and best practices we gained through years of administering that program. The program is focused on helping partners in four key areas:

  • Driving channel partner growth and profitability – provides benefits to support partners throughout the sales, marketing, customer support and solution development cycles, including promotions and collaboration with other customers throughout the global program ecosystem

  • Rewarding channel partner expertise – recognizes wireless competency and key investments through tiered benefits; provides world-class training and certification programs to help distinguish sales and technical teams

  • Helping you stand apart in the marketplace – strengthens market credibility through Cambium’s legacy of innovation, quality and product leadership; includes program levels (Gold, Platinum, Authorized Partner) and wireless certifications to help distinguish partners from the competition and target opportunities within the wireless industry or with other channel partners

  • Providing a return on investment – provides resources to drive ROI, allows partners access to a larger set of Cambium products to sell, and rewards partners for growing their relationship with Cambium over time

Since we value the relationships that we already have with our established partners, the new program rewards those partners for continuing to do business with Cambium.  We have made it easy for partners to migrate to the new program without disruption and existing partners will be grandfathered into the program at the same level at which they already participate.

We are really excited about what the ConnectedPartner Program offers and that we can be more nimble and flexible as Cambium than we were before in previous programs, and we’re looking forward to the continued chance to help give our friends the help they need to get by.

For more on the Connected Partner Program, please see today’s press release or visit the partner section of our website.

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