What if Access Points Could go to ‘Eleven’?

By    July 16, 2013

Service providers are constrained by spectrum. Everyone knows that there are government initiatives to add spectrum, but for the time being we have to work within the spectrum we have. New technologies offer higher throughput in existing spectrum, but many Wireless ISPs have a considerable investment in FSK equipment that is deployed. What if there was a solution that enabled service providers to increase their capacity and expand their customer list? What if they could offer two levels of service: the current level of service to existing FSK customers AND a higher throughput level using OFDM technology – while using a single common access point network infrastructure in the same spectrum at the same time?

The industry said it couldn’t be done. But what if access points had a dial that could go to eleven?

Those who are attending this week’s Animal Farm User Group event in Salt Lake City are getting a first-hand glimpse at the next-generation of access points when Cambium Networks offers a “sneak peak” of the Cambium PMP 450 Access Point. Scheduled for release in early Q2 of this year, the Cambium PMP 450 is the industry’s first and only dual protocol access point. The Cambium PMP 450 is designed to arm service providers with a significantly higher network capacity than existing systems, with total aggregate throughput bandwidth speeds of OFDM MIMO speeds of up to 90 Mbps per sector – while at the same time providing interoperability with existing FSK subscribers. All system controls use the Canopy MAC interface – proven in more than 3.5 million modules deployed around the world.

The Cambium PMP 450 is built with today’s Wireless ISP in mind – providers who are not only looking for reliable and cost effective solutions, but the flexibility to deliver the various levels of service that customers demand. This solution will do just that. Unlike traditional access point technologies, the Cambium PMP 450 has the ability to simultaneously talk to both existing FSK and new models of OFDM subscriber modules. This enables service providers to extend their broadband services further and at a higher level while minimizing the replacement of their existing network of FSK subscriber modules.

And what turns the dial up a notch, service providers can migrate to new technology at their own pace without the cost and time of replacing an entire network.

With the Cambium PMP 450 AP, Wireless ISPs have the option to increase their customer base and offer different levels of service while using the same network infrastructure.

Look for more news to come on the Cambium PMP450 AP in the next few months. In the meantime, if you’re anxious to learn more about the solution, please contact Cambium’s sales team at sales@cambiumnetworks.com.