What “Equalize” Means to Cambium Networks

By    October 7, 2013

Today is a proud day for Cambium Networks – we are launching ePMP, a revolutionary wireless access platform for connecting emerging communities around the globe. Never before have these under-connected or unconnected pockets of our world been given access to the consistently high-quality performance, security, reliability and scalability that ePMP enables at such an affordable price point. In the platform’s name, the letter E precedes PMP (indicating that it is a point-to-multipoint platform) because it stands for “equalize.” As Cambium Networks’ vision is to connect the unconnected, and our dream is to make a difference, equalize is our call to action.

The idea behind ePMP came from the realization that we needed to design and engineer a way for those living in rural, unconnected areas to enjoy the same quality of meaningful Internet access as their urban counterparts so they too can take advantage of the digital economy. We consider meaningful access to include high-quality voice, video and data applications. These would allow citizens to have a say in governmental affairs through participating in live webcasts with elected representatives; to enroll in a distance learning courses and further their station in life; to be diagnosed by a specialist doctor in another city; and to speak to loved ones overseas without the annoyance of streaming lags. Not being able to do any of these things is a stark inequality between developed and developing communities. We saw a unique opportunity to take our heritage of quality and performance and transcend that into a new standard for wireless connectivity. ePMP will lead the next chapter at Cambium Networks.

Historically, it has been easier to connect people living in dense urban communities because they have the infrastructure and population to support service providers’ business models and network capabilities. With ePMP’s scalability and throughput as well as reliability, it is now just as possible for service providers in far-flung, sparsely populated areas to develop high-quality connectivity and maintain sustainable business models. Moreover, by operating in the sub 6GHz frequency band, which is generally more abundant in rural regions, ePMP is designed to excel in unconnected communities. These can occur anywhere – case in point is one of our most recent ePMP installations in a high-tech epicenter in the U.S.

The platform’s host of benefits is already being realized in communities all over the globe as seen in the Czech Republic. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll delve deeper into ePMP’s capabilities and share stories the difference ePMP-enabled Internet connectivity has made to communities around the world.