Video Surveillance Opportunities with Cambium

By Amanda Kowalik   September 11, 2015

The new 450i enables network operators to provide extremely high quality video surveillance for government and business applications. Configurable to operate across the entire 5 GHz band, including all of the available unlicensed frequencies, 450i also operates in the 4.9 GHz public safety band.  Many municipal and state administrations, and public service agencies have access to the 4.9 GHz, and can utilize this for mission critical applications, including high quality video surveillance. Even though the raw amount of frequency available may not be large, finding an additional band to operate in could be essential to the successful deployment of a network, especially a network used for this purpose.

Thousands of deployments by service providers, agencies and administrations have already proven Cambium Networks equipment in video surveillance applications.  Our simple architecture allows fast deployment and easy maintenance of the network, lowering the total cost of ownership of the network, and wireless technology enables a camera to be placed at the precise spot where it is needed at a fraction of the cost of trenching or connecting wired or fiber technology.

Because the 450i can be deployed as either a Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) or Point-to-Point (PTP) system, it offers a high level of flexibility to optimize the network. Check out the 450i, the ideal connectivity solution for video surveillance applications. Also, take a moment and share your video surveillance applications stories on our Cambium Networks Community