Video Surveillance Hacks: Keep Your Network Secure

By Amanda Kowalik   November 18, 2015

The security team at Incapsula recently discovered a botnet of 900 CCTV cameras being used by attackers to knock websites offline by overloading them with traffic. The cameras were accepting inbound connections from anywhere on the Internet because they were using weak usernames and passwords.

The importance of securing your video surveillance infrastructure is underscored by this finding. Intruders are not just using your cameras to make trouble elsewhere – if an attacker can access your cameras they could potentially use them to access other devices on your network, find any blind spots in your coverage, and possibly take your system down at a critical moment.

At Cambium Networks, we know that security, as well as stability, are critical for video surveillance. Our solutions are designed from the ground up for both and are deployed worldwide in critical private video surveillance networks. No matter what your application is, our PMP 450, ePMP 1000™, and PTP fixed wireless broadband solutions let you operate a top quality video surveillance network with the freedom of wireless but the reliability of wired, with rock solid link stability and extensive quality of service capabilities – and they can even power your camera.

Here are a few security reminders for your own video surveillance network:

1.Choose secure usernames and passwords, keep them safe, and change them routinely. For all your network devices, use maximum length complex passwords, keep them in a secure location, and cycle them regularly to protect against lost passwords and guessing attacks.

Cambium solutions support multiple user accounts and long, complex passwords.

2.Configure network devices to report logins and other system events to a central syslog server, and routinely review your logs for suspicious activity.

Cambium solutions support local and central syslog server event logging for a large number of system events.

3.Make sure the highest level of security is configured for your network devices. Using HTTPS and other secure protocols to access your network devices and encrypting any data in transit between them makes your system much more resistant to attack.

Cambium solutions support HTTPS and military grade wireless link encryption, as well as other secure protocols to keep your devices and data secure.

With Cambium Networks secure and reliable wireless broadband solutions, you can be confident that your video surveillance network will be secure and let you keep an eye on what’s important.