Trial by Fire

By    May 9, 2014

What’s better than a long boring lecture on product quality?  A subscriber module (SM) that shrugs off a fire and just keeps working. That’s what this photo is – the best testimonials don’t always come pretty! SM, we salute you!

In the course of restoring network connectivity, Pavel, a network engineer at one of our Ukraine WISP customers, replaced this burnt SM module, and brought the old one back to his shop. Being the good engineer that he is, Pavel was compelled to give it a try – amazingly, it still worked!!!

With much of North America coming out the long, brutal “polar vortex” winter, and with the season of summer storms and fires already underway, it’s nice knowing that little outdoor SM installed many, many seasons ago, still has the right stuff to take our customers through much of what Mother Nature throws their way.

Our commitment to delivering great quality outdoor wireless products starts early when we conceive the product around the campfire. Our engineers reinforce this focus on quality through product development and we continue their work with rigorous and unforgiving testing, all before we ever say “ship it.” Quality is not just a corporate band aid around here. 

Today, we are focused on giving our customers multiple ways to build faster and more affordable wireless networks. But our focus on making reliable quality products that you can trust to work for years remains steadfastly the same. So whether seasons of snowstorms or fires are upon us, our customers can rest easy knowing that lonely SM on the roof top has the “right stuff.” We simply call it Cambium 2.0 – Connecting the Unconnected, reliably!