Top Five Applications of Sub-6 GHz PTP Products for Service Providers

By    February 25, 2015

I’m continuously soliciting input from network operators around the world about what they’d like to see in a sub-6 GHz point-to-point (PTP) solution, and frequently hear these three:

  1. Secure and reliable connectivity
  2. One platform that can quickly be adapted new connectivity requirements
  3. Solid return on investment encompassing training, spares, network management, installation procedures, documentation, etc.

Cambium Networks’ PTP 650 handily meets these requirements. This sub-6 GHz platform has been successfully deployed globally by large wireless operators in five main areas: 

Macro-cell backhaul expands the capacity and coverage of 2G/3G/4G mobile networks and deploys Wi-Fi hotspots using sub-6 GHz PTP platforms. These deployments are typically suburban or rural covering ranges of 10 to 60 kilometers/six to 37 miles. Sub-6 GHz is preferred where traditional microwave licenses are expensive or limited in availability and where line of sight (LOS) is constrained.  Capacity targets are typically 200 Mbps or more. 

Small-cell backhaul fills in coverage gaps and adds capacity in suburban and urban environments typically for 3G/4G data and Wi-Fi access hot spots.  Typical deployments are short-range –less than two kilometers/1.2 miles) and near or non-line of sight (nLOS/NLOS) – and with flexible mounting locations at street-level rather than on masts. Fifty to 200 Mbps is the typical capacity target. Using sub-6 GHz PTP also appeals to providers planning to deploy LTE or LTE-A networks, requiring 1588v2/SyncE precision network timing, and installations requiring hardware with small form factor and low power consumption.  

Temporary Backhaul (COWS/Cell on WheelS) adds capacity to mobile wireless networks as well as short-term installations of Wi-Fi hot spots for events such as concerts and sporting events, as well as disaster recovery scenarios. 

Enterprise Access from Mobile Infrastructure delivers last mile access for high-revenue enterprise accounts that require capacity exceeding typical small business and residential service offerings. These customers often require symmetrical services in the 20 to 100 Mbps capacities. Distances vary from a few kilometers to more than 40 kilometers/more than 25 miles. 

VSAT Replacement enables enterprise connectivity to islands, tidal areas, off-shore vessels and other remote regions not reachable by LOS, thus requiring a platform capable of nLOS and NLOS. The alternative for these areas is often low throughput, high latency and prohibitively expensive satellite communications. Typical deployments require spectral diversity and are long range (more than 60 kilometers/37 miles) and over water. Throughput requirements range from five Mbps to more than 200 Mbps.

To learn more about PTP 650 and other products, visit Cambium Networks at Mobile World Congress – Stand 7B41 in Hall 7.