Three new products added to ePMP Solution

By    October 9, 2015

In the two years since Cambium has launched ePMP™, the solution has established itself as the benchmark for reliable, high performance broadband connectivity that is also cost effective.  It has truly lived up to its motto of being “The New Standard in Wireless Broadband.”

This week, we announced three new product additions to the ePMP solution that increase performance, make ePMP easier to deploy, and make it even more cost effective.

First, we have introduced the AP Lite product.  This is a version of the GPS Synchronized Access Point radio that is sold at a lower price for smaller deployments.  If the Access Point only needs to serve 10 or fewer client devices, then this is the product for you.  The lower price makes it easier to get started with ePMP and take advantage of all the benefits that the solution provides.  If your network grows and you find that you need to support additional clients, all you need to do is purchase a software license, remotely upgrade the Access Point, and unlock its full potential to support up to 120 clients.

Next, the ePMP Force 180 is the next new addition to the product line. This radio is a new and improved version of the ePMP Integrated Radio.  It provides an additional 3 dB of antenna gain which means 40% longer range.  It has an upgraded Ethernet interface.  The Ethernet interface supports gigabit Ethernet which allows you to unlock the full potential of the wireless bandwidth.  This radio can support over 200 Mbps throughput.  In addition, the radio can be powered either by Power over Ethernet injectors with the Cambium pinout arrangement or via any Power over Ethernet injector with the industry standard pinouts.  What this means is that when upgrading from other radio solutions to ePMP, you no longer need to change out the PoE injector.  For a WISP, this is a huge savings in time.  You can upgrade your customers to the performance of ePMP without having to schedule an in home or office visit.  Simply swap the radio on the exterior of the building and enjoy the reliable, care free operation of ePMP.  The product also features a unique design.  We have re-oriented the antenna so that the beam is very narrow in the azimuth making it more effective in blocking our certain types of interference.  The radios comes with a simple adjustable mounting mechanism.

But there is more.  We are proud to bring the power of the ePMP Force to our 2.4 GHz solution.  The 2.4 GHz Force 200 is a new and improved version of our very popular dish-based high gain radio.  It is light, streamlined and easy to assemble and install.  With 17 dBi of gain, this radio will allow you to extend your 2.4 GHz band connectivity to ranges of 20 miles or more.   The 2.4 GHz Force 200 also features the improved gigabit Ethernet interface will the flexible pinout scheme of the Force 180.

With these new solutions, there is no reason not to upgrade your network to ePMP.