The Right Ingredients

By    April 16, 2014

While a homogeneous network is an attractive ideal, nimble network operators know how to maximize customer satisfaction and build loyalty by focusing on providing reliable connectivity at an attractive price. Service providers know the different needs of business and residential customers, and understand the different business models for urban, suburban and rural geography.  With this knowledge, they can select the technology that best meets their needs, and can easily integrate into one network solution that is easy to manage.

Andreas Wiatowski, CEO of Silo Wireless, knows his customers and territory in Ontario. With the knowledge of wireless broadband technology in both licensed and unlicensed frequencies, he has tailored his network to maximize customer satisfaction while meeting business objectives. PMP 450, with 125 Mbps of throughput per sector, was strategically deployed to provide connectivity in high density areas, and ePMP™ at the edge of the network to accommodate hard to reach areas to provide cost-effective connectivity. Both solutions provide reliable connectivity for streaming video, VoIP and data transfer. As satisfied customers spread the word, the Silo Wireless network increases its subscriber base and expands into new coverage areas.

Andreas has the right ingredients and the recipe for success. Check out his story here.