The Power of Reliable Video Surveillance

By    August 29, 2013

Last week we attended APCO (the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials’ Annual Conference & Expo) in Anaheim, California and received positive response to our live demonstration of our NLOS (non-line of sight) video surveillance solution. We set up a network between two booths at diametrically opposed corners of the show. There was a thick, tall concrete wall right in our line of sight, but we were able to configure the system using our PTP 600 solution. In a very noisy RF environment, we delivered symmetrical traffic of 20 Mbps up and downstream on the network using a 10 MHz channel.

We attracted a steady stream of state and local government providers from South America, the U.S. and Canada eager for the latest in reliable wireless backhaul technology. Many expressed that a video surveillance solution acts as a deterrent to criminal activity in their communities and helps expedite conflict resolution. The consistent realization of video surveillance’s benefits is testament to its need. As an example, one show attendee mentioned that in his town, a driver asked for the video feed from an intersection to help resolve a traffic dispute, and that clip was gladly provided and served its purpose.

As citizens have seen the benefits of surveillance deployments in their communities, they have clamored for more implementations – interesting to note in light of today’s headlines on privacy issues and infringements. Surveillance gives law enforcement and emergency professionals more eyes in critical locations, allowing them to effectively dispatch the correct support as required. A clear-cut example was the Boston Marathon bombing: The city’s video surveillance system was instrumental in providing detailed perspectives of the event and crucial in providing evidence investigators needed to move forward. In any neighborhood, alley or crosswalk in need of surveillance, the solution chosen needs to be secure and reliable – you don’t want to discover a shortcoming during an emergency.

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