What Happens Where the Fiber Ends?

Rugged and remote landscapes won't support fiber deployments. Wireless is a means to connect people, places, and things where it is not practical to deploy fiber technology.

It Takes a Village to Connect the Unconnected

There was much discussion yesterday after Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at Mobile World Congress 2015. CNBC and Business Insider discussed the industry reaction to Zuckerberg’s keynote in 2014 and the backlash from major global carriers that were suspicious of Internet.org capitalizing on the decades of infrastructural investment made by the telcos.

The Best of Connecting the Unconnected

We begin a new year by reflecting on what keeps us moving forward – stories that embody connecting the unconnected and how the Internet makes what was once impossible possible. Connectivity is what makes one Maine math teacher a hero, what finds a young Welsh girl a bone marrow match…

Be the Difference

t's often easy to see the results of the work of a knowledgeable expert. In any field of work, the finished product performs well, and the design is clean with little or no wasted effort. Wireless networks are no different. When a network is designed and installed by an expert,…

“Spot On” Link Planning

John Lennon said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” but what if things in your network performed exactly the way you planned? Of course, you'd save time and money avoiding expensive rework. Even more meaningful, you would have the satisfaction of knowing things were done right…