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What Happens Where the Fiber Ends?

Rugged and remote landscapes won't support fiber deployments. Wireless is a means to connect people, places, and things where it is not practical to deploy fiber technology.

A High Gain Alternative

The new PMP 450 Subscriber Module at 3 GHz has a rugged housing and higher gain integrated panel antenna for longer range and higher performance.

Connectivity in Times of Need

We are working closely with the Irish nonprofit Disaster Tech Lab (DTL) to deliver broadband to those who need it most. To help the thousands of refugees who were displaced to the Grecian island of Lesbos, one of our engineers flew out to help DTL deploy our equipment and connect…

PMP 450i Extends Reach

PMP 450i at 900 MHz provides streaming video, VoIP, and Internet connectivity in wooded areas with signal fade and high levels of interference.

Plan to Increase Throughput

Customers need more throughput to support streaming video and voice applications. The PMP 450 provides high throughput customers need, and LINKPlanner helps network operators plan for a smooth implementation.

Designed to Perform

After winning the Design Award at WISPAPALOOZA, the development team submerged the new 450i to demonstrate its ruggedness. The link delivered the full expected throughput.

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