With technology advancing at a rapid clip, innovation often steals the spotlight. What’s missing from these reports on the newest breakthroughs is how sustainable they are for end users. This is partly because demonstrable sustainability is unknown at the time of release, but also because in technology, sustainability can be seen as the opposite of innovation. We view them as equals. In connecting underserved and unconnected global communities, Cambium Networks always ensures that sustainability is at the root of our innovations. We know that our products will work well for a long time. 

Our definition of sustainability is twofold: 

1.    Our technologically advanced products, hardened against the elements, sustain the customer’s investment in our platforms and their business models

2.    Our networks support high-quality performance and connectivity as the population and service area increase and expand

Our innovative GPS sync technology, available in ePMP, supports the first definition. Without GPS sync, access points and subscriber modules can interfere with one another and lead to collision collapse. Frequencies cannot be reused and therefore spectrum efficiency is not achieved, disallowing a network to accommodate additional users. All of these issues manifest on the subscriber side with noticeably slower Internet speeds, and on the service provider side with the inability to scale.

ePMP’s GPS sync technology eliminates these frustrations by meeting these three essential requirements to maximize benefits to service providers and in turn, end users:

•    A synchronized MAC (media access control) layer 

•    Automatic CPE transmit power control 

•    High front-back AP and CPE antenna isolation  

ePMP further sustains customer growth by providing superior QoS with three levels of support for VoIP, high-speed data and video applications. The auto VoIP feature on the GUI enables automatic voice prioritization, delivering clear and uninterrupted audio. Prioritization ensures maximum performance, consistently delivering high data quality and guarding against garbled speech and choppy video transmissions. Using 2×2 MIMO-OFDM technologies, ePMP deployments achieve industry leading data rates.

As we continue our mission of equalizing Internet connectivity worldwide, we’ll provide updates here on new and older installations to show the sustainable progress that our platforms have affected worldwide. For more about how GPS sync increases customer ROI, download our white paper. To read about how Cambium Networks technology has enabled our customers to realize greater ROI and scale, download our Wisper ISP case study / download our MHO Networks case study.

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