John Lennon said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” but what if things in your network performed exactly the way you planned? Of course, you’d save time and money avoiding expensive rework. Even more meaningful, you would have the satisfaction of knowing things were done right the first time.

Planning a wireless broadband link is that way for network operators who use the LINKPlanner software tool. This free software takes the source and destination location and provides an estimate of the link performance. If you’re not familiar with LINKPlanner, check out the case studies on Hackensack UMC, Brockton Housing Authority and Z-Net.

What’s new is that this powerful tool is now able to plan links for Point to Multipoint PMP 450 and ePMP access networks. To test it out, one network operator in North America put in the coordinates of his PMP 450 AP and associated Subscriber Modules. He wanted to compare the LINKPlanner modeling tool predictions against actual field data. You can see his screen shot here. His summary comment:

“After all this chitter chatter about it, I spent some time with it today. The predicted signal levels match actual subscribers almost spot on. When you export back to Google Earth it will draw your sectors on the map as a shaded arc and it will draw lines to the SM’s showing the fresnel zones and such. This screenshot is at a weird angle to keep my subscriber’s names out of the view, but you get the idea. The red line coming off the tower is an install that honestly wouldn’t have worked on the AP’s shown in the image.”

Check out the LINKPlanner software…it’s free, and it will save you time and money. Also, let us know your experience and share improvement suggestions. Your ideas help us plan improvements for the planning tool.

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