Sleep Better with a Self-Optimizing Network

By    November 8, 2013

As your network increases in size and complexity, wouldn’t it be great if you could leave the performance analysis, configuration fine-tuning and overall optimization to the network itself?  The promise of self-optimizing networks is to build the intelligence into the network so the humans in charge can focus on growing the business and planning for the future.  Cambium Networks has taken a significant step towards realizing this vision with the Dynamic Spectrum OptimizationTM (DSO) feature on the recently launched PTP 650 wireless microwave backhaul solution.  DSO automates the process of selecting the most reliable channel among all those available – even in a constantly changing RF environment – without impacting the flow of critical business information.

The traditional approach to channel optimization requires a network engineer to react to system performance issues by taking the system down to perform spectrum analysis, causing a system outage for the end user.  Oftentimes, this means middle of the night maintenance windows when the environment may be quite different than peak traffic periods and problems are difficult to reproduce.  While the system is down, the radios are put into a spectrum analysis mode to collect a snapshot of information about what is happening at that time.  Engineers analyze the results, determine the actions to take, make manual configuration changes and finally restore the network to operation to see if they were successful.  This laborious monitoring process repeats on a regular cadence or on an as-needed basis.

With DSO, Cambium Networks has taken a completely different approach.  Through this technology, the network self-optimizes automatically, accurately and consistently all without human intervention and impacting the payload data.  When an alternate channel is identified that will provide more reliable communications and a higher fade margin, the system automatically jumps to this better channel – again with no impact to customer data.  This process is automated, repeatable and occurs constantly in real-time, reacting immediately as the environment changes.  Of course, the solution lets the network engineers control as much or as little of this process that they want and all the data and configuration changes are stored for later review.

Dynamic Spectrum Optimization is just one feature among many that make the PTP 650 the highest performing, most reliable, most secure and most versatile sub-6 GHz wireless microwave backhaul product on the market.

Visit this link to download a white paper that details exactly how Dynamic Spectrum Optimization will let you sleep better.