Rock Star Quality Broadband When and Where You Need It

By    November 22, 2013

When a pop superstar like Rihanna comes to town, broadband demands multiply around the performance venue. The last thing a service provider wants is complaints of slow or non-existent connectivity when fans are attempting to upload concert photos to social media. While on the road, Rihanna’s team relies on the local service provider to create and build a high performing network – a network that may exist for only a day or two. With strict demands and tight schedules, there is no room for error.

Recently, Rihanna performed at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and needed broadband connectivity so that voice and data services would be available in her team’s portable equipment trailers. They looked to Aeronet Broadband, a local service provider, to provide reliable and secure broadband connectivity for tripleplay services (voice, video and data) in order to coordinate lighting, sound, choreography and logistics for the event.

Leveraging its extensive PMP 450 network, Aeronet created new drops from nearby PMP 450 radios to the concert arena, providing the high throughput and symmetrical bandwidth needed to ensure a low latency connection. Not only was the installation successful, but Aeronet lived up to its tagline: “The most reliable provider in town.”

All successful businesses require superior broadband connectivity, whether you’re a concert promoter or the head of your employer’s IT department. Whether you’re looking to expand to new markets, create temporary networks or implement a disaster recovery plan, broadband can help. With today’s wireless communication technology, companies can deploy infrastructure rapidly without the extensive labor and maintenance costs associated with wire-line connectivity. Cambium Networks’ reliable and secure solutions provide today’s businesses with rock star quality broadband connectivity where you need it, when you need it.

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