Resilient Wireless Fabric for Everest Performance

By Ray Savich   May 16, 2017

Photo: Cambium Wireless Solution on Everest Base Camp

In my previous blog, I described the Cambium “Wireless Fabric” that rapidly creates connectivity across wide areas from 2 meters to 245 kilometers. These individual threads of connectivity are woven together using appropriate wireless technologies to create a stronger fabric of coverage that blankets a business or community. Today, Cambium Networks is launching a set of strands that extend the capabilities of the wireless fabric. Our new cnPilot™ 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions provide affordable connectivity that can be rapidly deployed to connect schools, hotels, retail stores, small and medium business enterprise, and public access around the world.

These new Wi-Fi access layer solutions strengthen the Cambium wireless fabric by covering enterprise indoor and outdoor locations, along with residential locations. These solutions complement our wireless point-to-point backhaul (245 km range), point-to-multipoint distribution (~20 km range) by providing a high quality connectivity solution that covers the last 300 meters of the access network. As a result, Cambium wireless solutions truly provide a comprehensive wireless fabric that covers connectivity from 2 meters to 245 km.

In addition, with these solutions, Cambium Networks is demystifying Layer 2 complexity and enhancing the insightful diagnostic information available to network administrators. With our zero-touch deployment, autoTune and autoPilot capabilities, the network is easy to deploy and manage. Customers are able to get online quickly, and their experience is consistently reliable.

We are able to deliver these solutions because Cambium Networks is laser focused on developing affordable wireless connectivity with uncompromising quality. Our development team understands TDD, FDD, and Wi-Fi technologies along with emerging industry standards, and innovates MIMO and MU-MIMO solutions that provide the highest data throughput in the least amount of scarce RF spectrum. In other words, we always focus on best spectral efficiency. We understand the entire end-to-end network and provide a birds-eye view of the network performance parameters with our cnMaestro™ management system.

With more than 6 million modules deployed, our wireless fabric has connected about 100 million people in 150 countries. We never compromise on quality, and our customers share stories of equipment that has been running for a decade in a very harsh environment without a problem. Most recently, a network operator in Nepal sent in this photo of his cnPilot E500 Wi-Fi access point providing high-speed internet access installed at the base camp of Mt. Everest.

We are up to any challenge. Contact us, or check out our case studies and customer interaction on the Community.

If you have Cambium Networks equipment, you know the confidence that our broad wireless solutions deliver. If not, I invite you to test us and see for yourself how our wireless fabric can connect your personal Everest.