Recognize those who make a difference with connectivity

By Amanda Kowalik   August 29, 2017

Leaders do not pick easy targets. They are challenged by things that have never been done before. They envision how things should be and chart out a course to achieve the goal. They often invest their personal time, experience and resources in their purpose.

While each connection is important to our business, there are deployments that have changed the world for the end customers whom they connect. With more than three billion people still not connected to the internet, there are many opportunities for visionary leaders who are charting exactly how to connect the unconnected. Many people are making such a difference right now.

I have shared a few of these in describing connections to improve education, provide safe connectivity hubs, and support people in need. It is right to also recognize the individuals who first saw the need and took personal action to step out of their comfort zone and make the connectivity change happen.

Cambium Networks is launching the Connectivity Hero Award to spotlight deployments that have made a significant change in the quality of life for people. Each quarter, we will showcase one visionary leader from each of our four business regions. Please take a moment and reflect on people who have made a change in the world by providing wireless connectivity. It is easy to nominate someone for consideration.

Each recipient of the quarterly Connectivity Hero Award will have their story highlighted on our website, and as a token of our appreciation they will receive $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. From the 16 quarterly winners each year, we will select one annual Connectivity Hero, who will also receive $5,000 to donate to a charity.

Join us in recognizing those people who share their abilities to make a positive change in the world.