Reach those Low, Low Density areas with PMP 450 Speed!

By    March 18, 2015

Almost every service provider has them – those spots where only a few customers exist. Customers in those locations want high speed, low latency connectivity, but It’s been hard to justify the cost of deploying a PMP 450 AP.  

Cambium Networks is happy to introduce the PMP 450 AP Lite. Providing the full 125 Mbps throughput and low latency proven in thousands of deployments, the Lite AP is software limited to serve up to 10 subscribers. This solution enables you to expand the network in three ways:

  • MicroPOP – In an area that is hard to reach via the main network, you may need to deploy a “remote AP” or a MicroPOP that can reach a few extra customers.  The PMP 450 AP Lite provides an opportunity connect these locations at lower capital expenditure and a faster ROI.
  • Cost effective 360⁰ coverage –  In an area with few subscribers located in different directions from the tower site location  (i.e. all around the potential tower site), it may be too expensive to deploy 4 sectors of PMP 450 Access Points. You may be tempted to consider the use of an omni-directional antenna on a single PMP 450 AP in order to limit the cost.  Using an omni-directional antenna in this case has limitations and is generally not a good idea from a technical standpoint. First, an omni antenna uses a single frequency and pushes in in all directions, hampering the ability to utilize that frequency elsewhere in the network (i.e. causes frequency pollution or spectral noise).  Second, the range is quite limited using an omni, as the maximum gain is hampered, and the antenna characteristics are often degraded.  With the PMP 450 AP Lite, now an efficient sectorized deployment is a viable option that makes much better use of spectrum, provides longer range, and a better ability to plan and maintain the frequency plan of the overall network.
  • Unconnected opportunities – If other (less costly) technologies are being explored due to low user density or constraints on ARPU, the PMP 450 is now an option with a proven track record. 

Service providers can now deploy high performance wireless broadband connectivity to locations with fewer than 10 customers, and only spend additional capital for the over-the-air license key to add capacity when additional customer prospects become available. 

Improve your cash flow and return on investment by reaching those low density areas this Spring.