Rapidly Deploy Broadband Where You Need It

By Amanda Kowalik   January 26, 2016

Recovering from natural disasters, responding to terrorist incidents, protecting national borders, setting security perimeters around forward operating bases and providing Internet access to refugee camps.

These activities are performed every day around the world by soldiers, emergency medical personnel, state/local police departments, the United Nations and members of the National Guard.  In all these situations real-time communications is critical and the more quickly broadband infrastructure can be established the faster and more effectively these heroes can begin doing their job. 

Clearly wireless broadband communications offer the fastest time to connectivity.  But oftentimes finding the right place to set up antennas and optimally align them slows things down, especially when it requires someone with RF experience and the ability to set up and configure an antenna.  After all, the users of the connectivity in these situations are experts in security, medical services and logistics rather than broadband and networking.  And the locations of these installations aren’t exactly conducive to traditional installation practices.

Cambium Networks has just introduced the Quick Deploy Positioner, a solution to the problem of establishing rapid tactical connectivity without the need for radio or RF experts.  When the first responder arrives at the scene, they simply erect the mast on a stand-alone tri-pod or the corner of their vehicle, power up the radio and positioner and stand back while the system scans the horizon, selects the target radio and optimally aligns the connection.   In less than three minutes, broadband connectivity is established.  And if the radio needs to move again the system automatically re-scans to maintain the optimal connection.

The Cambium Networks Quick Deploy Positioner is tightly integrated with the PTP 700, PTP 650, PTP 450i and the PMP 450i to provide an economical solution to rapid deployment.  The Quick Deploy Positioner takes constant feedback from the radio about the signal strength and connection quality making real-time corrections to optimize the signal strength.

Cambium has an entire portfolio of solutions tailored to providing secure, reliable mission critical communications.   Contact us to today to learn how we can help.  For more information about the Quick Deploy Positioner you are invited to attend a webinar on July 27th at 9AM Chicago time.   Click here to register, or discuss the Quick Deploy Positioner on the Cambium Community.