Rapid Deployment Internet Access Assists First Responders

By Ray Savich   June 12, 2017

We all feel how necessary it is to be connected to the internet in our daily life. In times of disasters, internet connectivity provides critical connectivity that helps first responders and medical support teams. No one can predict natural disasters, but one organization is prepared to provide high-speed connectivity for streaming video, voice, and data communications when disasters destroy wired or fiber connectivity.

Kix Internet, an ISP in Texas, working with WISPA and Cambium Networks, has created a mobile unit that provides connectivity in the wake of a disaster. The team has invested in a mobile command trailer with a 44-foot mast to provide wireless broadband communications and centralized command covering a 700 square mile area in a 15 mile radius. The Kix tagline is “Always on. Always ready” and they are exactly that.

Equipped with our long-range Point-to-Point PTP 650 wireless backhaul equipment, the mobile unit can use LINKPlanner software to create a link to provide source connectivity. With an ePMP distribution network composed of access points and the Force Subscriber Modules, Kix can distribute the connectivity over an area of 700 + square miles around the trailer. By using cnPilot indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points, a complete 802.11ac coverage area is created to provide access for first responders, medical support teams, and families seeking to connect with their loved ones.

Being thankful that there are no disasters in Texas right now, Kix is touring the command center to local events to build awareness of wireless broadband. The mobile command center is working as planned.

Paul Dietz, President of Kix Internet has shared that “We had very solid performance out of the PTP 650 at an event in Texas.  We were able to get 130 Mbps full duplex on an almost 4 mile shot. We used a cnPilot™ R200 Router so we were limited to 100 Mbps on the Wi-Fi. It was pretty sweet to do a Wi-Fi speed-test from a cell phone and show them 78 Mbps download.”

Going forward, Cambium will share Kix stories on social media, and everyone is pretty certain the “events” will be go beyond country fairs as NOAA is forecasting an unusually heavy tropical storm season for the Southeast starting this fall.   Cambium and the Kix mobile command center will be there to help.