PTP 820’s Suite of Scalable and Flexible Backhaul Solutions

By    October 7, 2014

Much as people want them, silver bullets are hard to come by – long gone are the days when a single solution can solve for any connectivity situation or need.

In the wireless broadband industry, this is especially the case for point-to-point (PTP) solutions which can backhaul both IP and legacy TDM traffic today, but be future-proof and scale to handle tomorrow’s high-volume IP traffic. The reality is that there are many different PTP applications – wireless ISP (WISP) backhaul, small-cell backhaul, video surveillance, public safety backhaul, enterprise access and campus connectivity using private networks – all of which have different requirements.

Today, Cambium Networks is introducing the PTP 820 point-to-point licensed microwave backhaul platform to our PTP portfolio with three distinct modules designed to meet those varied demands: PTP 820S, PTP 820C and PTP 820G. PTP 820 can be deployed in all-outdoor, split-mount and all-indoor configurations, and supports all types of networks requiring either hybrid or all-IP traffic.

PTP 820S and PTP 820C are all-outdoor radios, well-suited to the all-IP traffic needs of WISPs, enterprise access and campus networks. PTP 820S is a single core radio capable of 1Gbps throughput which provides the lowest entry cost for the network edge. PTP 820C has dual-core functionality, enabling the system to be deployed up to 1Gbps day 1, with scalability of up to 2Gbps day 2 via a software upgrade to enable the second radio core. This eliminates the need for expensive manual intervention on the tower when more capacity is needed in the core network.

With options for both native Ethernet and TDM traffic, the flexibility of PTP 820G makes it ideal for public safety, utility, railroad, transport and government private networks. With both split-mount and all-indoor options, PTP 820G provides a solution for the most challenging network availability requirements.

With its breadth of capabilities, PTP 820 will solve the specific connectivity challenges you are facing and provide you the scalability and flexibility you need for the job. Plug in your own specs into LINKPlanner, our free tool for designing and configuring PTP links.