PTP 650: Best Performing, Most Reliable Sub-6GHz Backhaul – Guaranteed

By Amanda Kowalik   January 24, 2014

Customers are continually telling us that our point to point solutions perform better than any other product they’ve used. Whether deploying in critical infrastructure networks for automating oil and gas fields, mission-critical 911 public safety networks, military deployments in theater or the harshest environments where broadband can be deployed, our wireless broadband backhaul solutions have earned this reputation over more than 10 years of experience.  

Reliability and outstanding performance have been the calling card of our PTP products for more than 10 years. The recently introduced PTP 650 extends this legacy of performance and reliability with even more capacity in a smaller package, enabling a wider variety of wireless broadband applications.

However, we realize that there are many network operators out there that have not yet experienced what is possible with this technology and in fact may be settling for lower performance (reliability, capacity, security and/or versatility).  

The strength of the PTP 650 platform and our experience working with thousands of customers around the world allow us to offer an un-paralleled performance guarantee. When you select and deploy a PTP 650 for your project you will be doing so with the comfort and knowledge that you are getting the best product on the market. If for some reason you find a product that performs with higher performance and reliability return our product to Cambium Networks for a full refund.

As we continue “Connecting the Unconnected,” Cambium Networks stands behind our products and commitments while offering our customers low-risk, ground-breaking technologies to build or extend broadband networks. Learn more about the PTP 650 here.