PMP System Release 13.4

By    July 8, 2015

We’re releasing PMP 450 System Release 13.4 this week and with it comes some long awaited features.  First and foremost is the inclusion of Frame Utilization statistics to help you determine when your sector may be reaching capacity. Efficient use of the frame will help you achieve the goal of providing a great experience to your customers. There are numerous other features to help monitor the system and identify performance before they become issues, such as the Extrapolated Link Test. Now you can test the link without taking it down entirely, and get an idea of the link performance without interrupting service.

In addition, we’ve added additional support for the Zero Touch Configuration feature that was first released in R13.3. Now, a configuration file can be applied to an SM via DHCP Option 66 or via RADIUS VSA. So, however you’ve got your network configured, we’ve got you covered. RADIUS support is also further enhanced through new support for Change of Authorization, which can update RADIUS settings network-wide on a time basis, giving you further control over provisioning and shaping the behavior of your network. Microsoft Server RADIUS is also now officially supported to allow even more options.

All the features mentioned so far apply to the PMP 450 platform, but we haven’t forgot about the other PMP products our customers are still using, and R13.4 will also be released for PMP 100 and PMP 430. This brings powerful features such as secure management interfaces (SNMPv3 and HTTPS), Sector Spectrum Analyzer and Zero Touch Configuration to the trusted PMP100 platform that has been serving providers for years.  

We’re very excited to release this software to further enhance the usability, manageability and performance of the ultimate Point to Multipoint products out there.