Planting the seeds of change: cultivating connectivity

By    July 16, 2013

I love “Being There” and Sellers’ hilarious use of gardening terms when addressing the President. I can’t speak to the parallels between nature and economic policy, but I do see a strong relationship between my hobby and my work as CEO at Cambium Networks.

When you observe how the garden grows, you’ll notice that it’s a pretty self-contained, intelligent and holistic ecosystem. It handles adversity as well as prosperity with equanimity. Even if the plant or garden is damaged by disease or weather patterns, it’s a phenomenally resilient system. In the same way, communications systems of the future have to be resilient, scalable and secure. Only with this quality of infrastructure in place can your business achieve peak performance, be secure and easily manageable and eventually, make a difference.

With my blog series, I’ll introduce you to the fascinating end users of Cambium’s solutions, from first responders in disaster situations to large-scale farmers who depend on Cambium’s network technology to monitor their water usage and know the status of their thousands of acres of crops. And most exciting for me is our work in developing communities that illuminates our goal of connecting under- or unconnected communities to truly equalize opportunities, growth and resources for all. I say communities and not countries because there are significant pockets of under-connected people everywhere. These communities cannot be ignored.

To go back to gardening: like an under-nourished plant, these areas have seeds and potential for prolific growth. They are self discovering when given the capacity and opportunity to mature. They may be dormant, but if you nurture them, they will sprout. And you never know what these buds will become.

Atul Bhatnagar
President and CEO, Cambium Networks