Plan to Increase Throughput

By    November 20, 2015

Many network operators are finding that customer demand is outstripping the capacity of their older PMP 100 equipment. While those modules have been working for 10 years or more (and they are still working fine), their top capacity of 7 Mbps requires them to be upgraded. The PMP 450 now provides 125 Mbps of throughput in a 20 MHz channel and can easily provide clear voice and streaming video along with data. This new higher throughput capacity is what the end customers want, and network operators find that customers are willing to pay for new equipment to get higher throughputs in their homes.

Community member Eric Ozrelic shares his customer conversation: “We're asking everyone to give $100 to upgrade to the new equipment… in exchange, we'll come out and give you a brand new radio and antenna. As a thank you, we'll let you stay on your current monthly rate of $30 and give you TWICE the speed for 6 months. After six months, if you wish to keep the faster service, your monthly will go up to $40.” To view the full post, or share your sales tactics, check out the PMP 450 Options thread on our Community.

There have been other major advancements since PMP 100 was deployed. In addition to higher throughput capacity, network planning is much easier than it was before. The latest version of LINKPlanner supports our PMP access network solutions, including the PMP 450. This means that network operators can now get a tabular view of the network and Google earth overlays to ensure that the network is designed right the first time. A network operator in the Palm Springs, California area has just used the latest planning software to migrate from PMP 100 to PMP 450. Below is a LINKPlanner screen shot of the Indio valley system.

Network operator jaurigue shares his story on the Cambium Community. From the Indio Hill tower location, he is able to connect 22 remote SCADA sites. He reports that the PMP 450 connections are “rock solid.”

Not everyone has the great weather that’s found in Palm Springs. As winter weather closes in, start to plan for expansion in 2016. Download the free LINKPlanner software, visualize the possibilities, and model the performance of each PTP backhaul link and access network configuration. Develop your sales tactics and be ready to provide the speed your customers want.