Plan for Successful Connectivity Over Great Distances

By    September 11, 2013

After reading our last blog post about an Argentinian mining customer that implemented a 110-kilometer-long PTP link, you may be wondering how that is possible as any deviation in a link is magnified by distance. Here’s how we did the same thing plus 63 kilometers for another South American customer.

Connectivity was needed between two cities in Colombia: La Virgen and Ponal Arauca. The network operator needed to create a licensed 173-kilometer link to support 40 Mbps throughput (eight E1 links). To achieve this level of performance, the customer used our LINKPlanner tool to specify the details and plan the link. In a matter of a few minutes, they were able to design the link and model experiments testing different configurations of antenna height, modulation levels or equipment. Here’s what they netted out with:

  • Licensed microwave PTP 800
  • 7 GHz frequency, 28 MHz channel width, QPSK modulation
  • 1+1 Hot Standby configuration
  • External 15 foot HP antenna

These configuration details were given to the installation team to construct the link so that they knew exactly what to do to make the link work on the first try. The link was created in 2011 and is achieving 99.999% availability.