Perfect-10 reliability during Olympic streaming spikes

By    February 25, 2014

Time differences – a fine reason to take the afternoon off and watch your team skate to victory. Last Wednesday at 9pm Sochi time and noon in Ontario, Canada, the Canadian men’s hockey team took to the ice and beat Latvia in a nail-biting quarterfinal game. Soon after, we received this graphic from Paul Stewart, Senior Network Architect at Nexicom, a Cambium Networks customer in Ontario, evoking our own feelings of victory:

The bottom line shows average activity and the top line reveals the tremendous spikes in network usage that occurred during the match. Nexicom’s network includes PTP 600 backhauls connecting PMP 100 and PMP 320 modules, and is adding PMP 450 to further bolster throughput for video streaming. Video content drives traffic volume, and our PTP and PMP solutions are designed with high throughput and low latency to support bandwidth-intensive applications like streaming video. We are proud that our technology enabled fans to watch their team play. 

Nexicom reported that traffic records were shattered last Thursday afternoon when the Canadian women’s hockey team won gold over Team USA in an exciting 3-2 OT final. Results were even higher when the Canadian men’s team prevailed over USA in the following day, with network traffic increasing by a factor of 8X over normal.

The spirit of the Olympics has always been competitiveness with equanimity. Some of the best stories of the Games are of athletes who steadied their dreams on medals from a young age. From the sidelines, we ensure that no matter where they are and what time it is, the families, friends and fans of these dedicated individuals get to watch them skate, ski, bobsled and curl without the frustration of buffering interruptions caused by an overloaded network. We at Cambium Networks are highly focused on delivering broadband connectivity solutions that perform like champions.