Options to Expand Connectivity

By    January 22, 2014

Building on the success for the ePMP™ solution we introduced last October, today we are launching the Connectorized Radio.This new addition to the ePMP portfolio provides an even lower cost option for deploying wireless access networks that can grow and scale with performance that you can count on.  When equipped with an external sector or omni antenna,  this radio can serve as a very low cost, unsynchronized Access Point.  This is ideal for use in small, localized deployments where there is no requirement to synchronize with other nearby Access Points. While the radio is ideal for small deployments,  it has the capacity to connect to up to 120 subscribers. When equipped with a high gain directional antenna, this radio can serve as a low cost, long range SM or a low cost PTP radio. The ePMP’s new Flexible Frame mode of operation (introduced in a recent software release) is ideal for use with unsynchronized deployments. It reduces round trip latency (down to 6 ms) and allows for optimization of the available RF bandwidth regardless of whether your system has heavy downlink or uplink traffic.

The ePMP1000 Connectorized Radio supports all the features and capabilities of the ePMP solution which include a sophisticated three level QoS scheme and advanced scheduler that ensures consistent performance regardless of the scale of the system.Speaking of features,several software updates have been issued for the ePMP.  Each of them has made improvements to the performance and usability of the system.  Last week,  we released Software Release 1.3.4 which introduces support for RADIUS and opens up an additional 100 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9 GHz band for use in Russia and the CIS among other selected regions of the world.

Check out the latest software update as well as the rich array of support documentation that is available for the ePMP by visiting us at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp