Customers want voice and data connectivity from a provider they trust. Now available, the C3VoIP-150 converts an ordinary analog phone to a VoIP compatible handset that can be used with hosted VoIP services. By connecting ordinary analog telephones that are already in your home to C3VoIP-150, subscribers can make low cost, crystal clear VoIP calls.

One of the largest Internet Service Providers in Europe has deployed this solution to provide thousands of residential customers both data and VoIP services, and is seeing strong traction for this bundled offering. Easy to implement, the C3VoIP-150 and PMP Subscriber Modules share a common PoE interface. 

The key features of C3VoIP-150 include:

– Comprehensive voice codecs that support G.711, G.722, G.723 & G.729A/B and allow providers to be compatible with different VoIP platforms.

– Secure and automated provisioning using HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP allows flexible configuration and provisioning options.

– Dynamic network monitoring will reduce jitter artifacts such as packet loss.

– Advanced call features that include 3-way conference, caller ID, call hold/ forwarding/ transfer/ Waiting.

For a complete overview of product specifications, download the Spec Sheet. 

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