Ocean Edge Resort Selects Cambium for Wireless Network Connectivity

By Amanda Kowalik   July 16, 2013
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Cape Cod's premier resort selects a high-power wireless broadband system from Cambium Networks to provide fast, reliable voice and data connectivity for its guests

Whether we are connecting with friends and family over social networking sites or with colleagues via email or video conference calls, we rely on technology to keep us connected—anywhere, anytime. Part of ‘getting away from it all’ is knowing that if absolutely necessary, you could be reached, and that you could reach out immediately. Keeping connected provides the peace of mind that truly lets you get away from it all.

The Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Cape Cod, Mass. is a world renowned vacation, golf, and event destination. With a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, the resort offers guests more than 500 acres of luxurious grounds, beautiful Cape beaches and accommodations in the almost 100-year old Mansion and in two and three bedroom villas. The resort is also home to the world-class Nicklaus Design 18-hole Ocean Edge golf course.

As a world-class resort, the resort makes it a point to anticipate the needs of their guests. To complement its high-end accommodations and amenities, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club was looking to upgrade its WiFi access network to ensure its guests have high-performance, reliable connectivity at all times. Despite the reliability of the resort’s original wireless network, the bandwidth demands of powerful new wireless applications – such as steaming video and social networking – for smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices was causing the system to max out in terms of performance.

“At Ocean Edge, we make a point of anticipating the evolving requirements of our guests,” said Chris Webb, IT Director, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club. “Our guests expect to have the high levels of bandwidth that allow them to use their mobile communications devices just as they would at home and at work. Most people don’t want to take a vacation from bandwidth.”

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club and their service provider, Community WISP, selected to upgrade the guest connectivity system using a Cambium PMP (Point-to-Multipoint) 430 network, including new network Access Points and Subscriber Modules on each of the 30 villas on the property.

With the new Cambium-based WiFi access network, the resort is now able to provide higher speed communications and Internet access toeach guest and meeting rooms. Even in the harsh Cape Cod climate, with blazing summers and frigid winters mixed with heavy Atlantic storms, the system delivers consistent connectivity with virtually no outages or downtime.

“As our guests require higher throughput for their powerful new wireless devices, the new Ocean Edge wireless network is making sure we are on the leading edge of providing it for them,” said Webb.

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