Non-Line-of-Sight Challenges – Introducing Cambium Networks’ Best Non-Line-of-Sight Contest

By    July 16, 2013

Our partners and customers at Cambium Networks are located across the globe, and they deploy wireless broadband products in a wide variety of settings. Cambium’s PTP 500 and PTP 600 solutions have been installed in the densest of cities, across miles of deserts and over bodies of water, delivering high throughput reliable connectivity. In non-line-of-sight (NLoS) paths, where either visual line-of-sight or radio line-of-sight is blocked (or both), only the most robust of systems can make the connections required for reliable communications. To highlight the amazing deployments our customers have in place, we’re hosting a contest so you can showcase your best NLoS stories.

In NLoS environments, there are a number of challenges that put connectivity to the test; natural and man-made obstacles such as foliage, terrain and buildings present significant communications challenges. Because of that, the Cambium PTP 500 and PTP 600 series have been designed to offer five nines (99.999 percent) availability in the most demanding of NLoS environments and extreme weather conditions.

To deliver the high throughput, reliability, and spectral efficiency our customers expect, the PTP 500 and PTP 600 have been designed from the start for these challenging real-world environments. With PTP-optimized MIMO technology, intelligent OFDM, dynamic spectrum optimization, adaptive modulation, TDD synchronization, spatial diversity and best-in-class radio hardware design, our PTP 500 and PTP 600 radios provide high-speed, reliable connectivity – even in locations that were previously considered un-reachable.

Throughout the next few months, we’ll take you through some of the most extreme NLoS challenges we’ve seen at Cambium through a series of blog posts. We’ll provide insight into how Cambium’s unique solutions combat the most extreme conditions to deliver reliable wireless communications. We’ll take a look at how Cambium technologies overcome connectivity challenges in extreme weather conditions, over-water settings, in heavy metropolitan areas and areas with dense network configurations, in areas of rural connectivity and over long distances.

The NLOS contest focuses on customers and partners around the globe implementing the PTP 500 and PTP 600 to combat NLoS challenges.  Finalists will receive a chance to win prizes including a Cambium PTP 500, a PMP 450 or an iPad.  Here are a few quick details about the contest:

  • Topic: Giving Us Your Best NLOS Shot

  • Contest Dates: Submissions are open from Thursday, January 17 through June 30, 2013

  • Format: We want to hear your personal story on how reliable connectivity was deployed in a challenging NLoS environment (urban areas as well as rural). Entries can be submitted in two formats: a two-to-three minute video that showcases your NLoS solution, or through high-res images of the deployment accompanied by supporting details in either a PPT or Word file

  • Eligibility: The contest is open to any Cambium reseller or integrator partner, Connected Partner or network operator who has successfully deployed Cambium product in a challenging Non-Line-of-Sight environment

  • How to Submit: Upload your submission online here: 

  • Prizes:  Win your choice of a complete PTP 500 link with Extended Warranty, a PMP 450 or an iPad

  • For more details, read our contest rules here: 

We’re looking forward to hearing your stories of how Cambium has helped you connect in challenging  environments, and are eager to hand out prizes to the best stories.  Start planning your submissions today and check back in for our next post on extreme weather conditions!