MWC Day 1 Evening Round-Up

By    February 25, 2014

So it looks like this event is hitting new highs with over 70,000 registered attendees.  And day one kicked off strong, having us pegged to our booth most of the day (hint: I am warming up for an excuse on my low mileage numbers for distance covered at the show). 

Top 5 key trends coming into the show are:

1.       Wearables:  There was a long line at the Fitbit booth to take the MWC challenge and measure distance walked and number of steps. 

2.       Operating systems

3.       Devices:  There are a number of new devices announced including the Samsung 5S .  

4.       Connected Cars and Homes

5.       Connecting the Next 5 billion

Cambium Networks has a play in connecting things, or the Internet of Things (IOT), and having communications systems to capture the data from “things” is going to become more prevalent as more companies add sensors, monitors and more to their enterprises and homes. 

Cambium has also been a strong participant in connecting homes.  With the proliferation of video on demand, and user generated content in the homes, consumers need flexibility in the type of traffic they receive.  The traditional DSL traffic pattern favoring downstream delivery is being strained with consumers wanting symmetrical traffic to handle all their home applications and cloud-based services.  Cambium solutions are designed to provide operators with down-link / up-link flexibility at varying ratios.

Check out the following performance parameters for the PMP 450 and ePMP™:

Downlink / Uplink Ratio


PMP 450

(1% variable between)

Highest Downlink

75 / 25

85 / 15


50 / 50

50 / 50

Highest Uplink

30 / 70

15 / 85 


Our mission is Connecting the Unconnected™ and connecting the next 5 billion people is at the heart of everything we do.  At Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote tonight, he spoke of 3 key pillars to achieve universal coverage:

1.       Lowering access costs of Internet

2.       Ensuring data consumed by apps are as efficient as possible

3.       Increasing the number of up-sells to subscriptions

Cambium Networks launched the ePMP platform and significantly lowered the access cost of secure and reliable broadband access designed to Connect the Unconnected.  We bring item #1 to the table.

Now back to that morning challenge I gave myself.  Before looking at my results on Runtastic, I must preface that I was fortunate to sneak into the Fira via Hall 8 and sneak to our booth location in hall 7 saving me that marathon walk on the way in, although I did get it on the way out. I’ve had one too many espresso’s today (am up to 4 so far today, and I’m definitely not leading that count based on other attendees around me). 

Day 1 distance covered since 8 am this morning……tomorrow will be better!