Mobile Medical for the Big Game

By    January 31, 2014

At MetLife Stadium this Sunday, all eyes will be on the field for the big game, but some will be off – specifically, their attention will be focused on giving proper emergency medical attention to those at the stadium who need it. But how does a trailer in MetLife’s parking lot become a top-notch medical facility? With top-notch wireless broadband, of course.

Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) is deploying a rapid-response trailer outfitted with our point-to-point technology, enabling speedy data transmissions for a variety of vital applications:

  • Patient registration
  • Collection and transfer of electronic media records
  • Sending EKG results to cardiologists at the hospital
  • Sending digital x-rays to the hospital

Moreover, with our connectivity, medical staff in the trailer can use voice-over-IP and video streaming to speak with hospital staff by phone or video conferencing to determine the best course of action in more serious cases.

“This is what it means to practice medicine in the 21st century. The nimbleness that Cambium Networks’ connectivity effectively turns a visit to the trailer to a visit to a hospital emergency department,” said Dr. Herman Morchel, Emergency and Trauma Center at HackensackUMC. “This in turn enables our team to provide higher quality care for a wider range of ailments.”

Now imagine the possibilities if this high-powered, mobile medical unit could be deployed in developing communities. There, the closest hospital or clinic might be a few hours’ drive away. Medical emergencies can occur anywhere, and sometimes the neediest cases are so time sensitive that even being able to send an ambulance to the patient might not make the difference between life and death. We believe that mobile healthcare units with low-latency, secure connectivity are part of the solution to the global problem of unequal access to quality medical care.

With our field-proven technology already deployed in hundreds of networks for the purpose of public safety, Cambium Networks has the ability to provide high-quality connectivity practically anywhere it is needed. We look forward to taking Sunday’s connectivity know-how to a broader playing field, and enabling the delivery of best-in-class medical care to those who need it most.