Mitigating Lightning Damage

By    June 25, 2014

This week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week, which focus on educating the public on avoiding injury or death due to lightning strike. Lightning is an on-going global concern for the wireless broadband industry, not only for the safety of employees but also for the protection of tower-mounted assets. Lightning can strike anywhere but as shown below in an image from NASA, the frequency of strikes is not evenly distributed. Our field-return and customer support data shows that lightning damage is the most common cause of failure on tower-mounted radio equipment. If not accounted for properly, lightning strikes can be a cause of damage for indoor equipment as well.

Much of this damage can be avoided with lightning protection units (LPUs) providing surge suppression. Cambium Networks recommends this deployment practice for all PTP 650 Series wireless broadband radios, which helps keep equipment damage and network outages to a minimum. This reduces network operating costs due to troubleshooting labor – not an activity employees relish in a storm – as well as costly equipment repairs and replacements.

Download information about the PTP 650 LPU to see an example of how a combination of grounding cables and lightning arrestors is the best insurance against lightning bolts for your wireless broadband assets.