Mission Critical Connectivity

By Kurt Garrison   January 17, 2014

Wireless technology plays a pivotal role in assuring border security. Today’s homeland security environment depends on real-time sensor, radar and video data to help detect and locate possible illegal activity. To make this data actionable, real-time information must be available to field agents, investigators and supervisory and command personnel who need it. That’s not a simple task.

Border, maritime and disaster recovery environments present significant challenges for wireless communications. There are vast expanses to cover: remote locations with unreliable or non-existent power grids, densely populated urban areas, heavily forested mountains with irregular hills to name a few. In any terrain, the weather is also a significant variable. All of these conditions add up to a demanding RF environment that makes it crucial to select your wireless backhaul network carefully.

Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions are emerging as the preferred solution for many government organizations. It’s easy to understand why. Our PTP solutions are UC APL certified, FIPS 140-2 validated and available in the 4.5/4.8 GHz (PTP 600) and 7/8 GHz (PTP 800) bands set aside for U.S. Federal, military and NATO agencies. They’re highly valued for their proven track record of reliably backhauling data over the long distances and harsh conditions in any rapidly changing environment, and because of their inherent low latency and high bandwidth.This week, our Ad is featured in the USA Today Homeland Security special edition.

Cambium PTP solutions also help maximize security situations through their broad range of frequencies: from 2 GHz to 5 GHz in the licensed-exempt bands on the PTP 600 and 6 to 38 GHz on the PTP 800. This portfolio of options means that solutions are available when faced with often-substantial RF interference on borders between states, provinces and/or countries.

Cambium Networks is dedicated to enabling government agencies with secure and efficient connectivity solutions.