Mission-Critical Communications for Marines

By Ray Savich   March 29, 2016

We supported the Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA) at the Talon Reach exercise at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center TwentyNine Palms last week. The Cambium PTP 700 provided a 380 Mbps link over an 11 mile span between a United States Marine Corps battalion and one of its company headquarters enabling cyber operations at the tactical edge. The United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force successfully demonstrated cyber operations that included the ability to collaborate on surveillance data in real time, whether it was generated by local signals intelligence operations or from strategic Unmanned Aircraft Systems by enabling broadband communications between strategic satellite systems to the deployed echelon and from the field to the higher headquarters and on to the Major Commands (MACOM). This exercise proved that wireless broadband can provide effective, secure communications between battalion headquarters and company field teams in tactical situations.

In addition to the cyber operations evaluation, the PTP 700 was utilized to backhaul a tactical LTE network that provided broadband cellular coverage to the company headquarters personnel to enable the dissemination of intelligence and operational data to the Marines in the field.

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