Meeting Today’s Needs while Looking Forward

By    July 25, 2014

One of the challenges in developing new technology platforms is to address both the initial set of requirements (what customers need today) and future requirements (what customers will need tomorrow). System architects are challenged to build products with the flexibility and agility to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. 

Cambium launched the PTP 650 platform back in November of last year. Reflecting on the enhancements and growth of this platform since the launch, it is a true testament to the underlying architecture of the system and the team of engineers behind it. The PTP 650 has expanded to support an ever-widening array of applications:  

– Enterprise access
– Video surveillance
– Small-cell backhaul
– TDM services
– Rapid deployment of broadband services
The portfolio started with the original PTP 650 which addresses traditional long-range sub-6GHz backhaul solutions delivering up to 450 Mbps. In February, the PTP 650S was introduced in a new smaller form factor tailored to short-range, high-capacity non line of sight links. Just last week, the PTP 650L was launched targeting fast payback and tremendous ROI for business services and video surveillance deployments. Each of these variants of the 650 platform feature the signature platform feature Dynamic Spectrum Optimization™ (DSO) — the in-band on-line spectrum analyzer that constantly self-optimizes the network.

PTP 650 features provide high performance, reliability, security and versatility, and continue to stand as unique capabilities in the industry. The platform includes future-proof technologies such as IPv6, Synchronous Ethernet, 1588v2, optical fiber interfaces, standard PoE input and PoE output, split frequency operation, spatial diversity ensure that investments in the PTP 650 platform today will continue to payoff down the road.

Cambium’s customers use the PTP 650 in unique and interesting ways. Check out how the PTP 650 is helping deliver medical support for major sporting events, supporting rapid deployment of business continuity services, and serving as critical infrastructure for e-911 services in rural communities. And these are just a few of the thousands of connectivity problems being solved every month around the world with Cambium’s PTP 650 portfolio.  We would love to hear about the problems you are solving today and the opportunities you see heading towards you. Our team of system architects is already at work on the next round of enhancements with great anticipation of meeting the next challenge.